Prestige joins GO Furnished Housing Providers

PHOENIX, AZ – Prestige Accommodations, has joined with 12 of North America’s top temporary furnished housing specialists in locations across the United States and Canada to launch “GO Furnished Housing Providers.”  GO brings coast-to-coast reach to the North American corporate housing industry and to corporate travel planners, relocation specialists, human resource professionals, and longer-term travelers that may need accommodations in multiple cities.  Furnished Quarters and its partners in GO offer best-in-class corporate housing, also known as temporary furnished housing accommodations, in business hubs and travel destinations throughout the United States and Canada. Importantly, all 11 partners are owner-operator companies, ensuring the highest level of service and hospitality experience to guests.  As well, all guests of GO have access to 24-hour customer service.

Chris Blunier, President of Prestige Accommodations, said “With a recovering economy and continued corporate focus on cost savings, the advantages of corporate housing are becoming increasingly clear.  We anticipate demand to grow in cities across the US and Canada, and with GO, we’re poised to serve this demand with our owner-managed partners coast to coast.”

With the launch of GO, the North American corporate housing industry offers the convenience of one-stop shopping and the quality assurance that hotel brands offer.  GO’s partners throughout North America are corporate housing providers who also operate their properties — unlike other companies that may outsource the daily management of their temporary housing accommodations.  With GO, booking agents and guests can be assured of the highest quality experience possible.  GO’s expansion plans includes Europe, Asia and Latin America.

Prestige’s customers have asked about owner-managed corporate housing in other markets across the country,” continued Blunier.  “With our partners at GO Furnished Housing Providers, we can now provide this service coast-to-coast.”

The advantages of corporate housing are significant.  Historically, temporary furnished housing offering reservations of 30+ days provides substantial savings over standard hotel rates – up to 35 percent and with significantly larger, accommodations.  Traditionally utilized by traveling executives or corporate employees on short-term assignment, as well as employees or families relocating, temporary furnished housing is also finding use by non-traditional guests, such couples who may be divorcing, individuals in treatment at major medical centers and their families, and foreigners on longer-term vacations in major North American destination cities.

Temporary furnished housing offers home-away-from-home living within distinctive neighborhood settings.  The advantage is a genuine residential experience — in other words, a guest can truly experience a city like a local.  Corporate housing accommodations provide a better lifestyle balance as well, with room to spread out, work, relax, and entertain friends or business associates.  Importantly, they also offer security as they’re typically located in secure buildings, with many requiring identification prior to entry.  This is particularly comforting to women travelers.

In 2009, the corporate housing industry brought $2.4 billion in room revenues with 61,300 furnished apartments available throughout North America, according to the Corporate Housing Providers Association  Over the past 20 years, the industry, which has been one of lodging’s growth areas during the past two decades, has served several sectors, including government, consulting, healthcare, insurance, engineering, relocation, information technology, financial services and others.

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